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Empowering People, Passion & Purpose

United Momentum takes you from surviving to thriving!


Take the first step toward creating the culture you envision

Are you yearning to lead better, or be a member of, a growing and thriving community? It starts with self-reflection and strategic change. Then you can progress to creating synergism and focused energy with the people around you. I will help you and other stakeholders discover and unite around common values and a purpose, and then develop a plan aligned with those values. United momentum will help you and your team members unleash hidden potential and propel you forward.

Leading others to experience united momentum is my mission.

Inspired leaders invest in developing others. Intentional investment in people feels good and gets results. Call me to learn more about how you or your team can experience United Momentum.


Team Development

If you value nurturing a dynamic culture, you will love our approach. Reach your goals by engaging with your team to create “aha moments” and strategic action plans.

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Individual Coaching

Leaders often get sidetracked by busyness and the needs of others. Let us help you learn how to quiet the distractions and focus on what really matters.

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Group Coaching

Group coaching is a great choice when members share a focus. Whether you already have a group, or you want to join a group, you will work together to achieve the next level of success. 

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A Mule, a Yak or a St. Bernard

Imagine that you are planning an expedition into the Grand Canyon and your outfitter says that your pack animal can be a mule, a yak, or a St. Bernard.

Which animal would you pick?

Here what our clients have to say